RVA adventures: carytown


galavanted around possibly my most favorite place in all of RVA with the Lovely. 
we had a splendid time.
see for yourself.

 ^^testing the waters.  hoping to get a dlsr camera for Christmas.  any tips for a newbie?^^

 ^^slice of heaven right there^^

 ^^we just got a Mellow Mushroom in RVA.  rejoice!^^

 ^^one of my favorite restaurants in RVA^^

 ^^came so close to getting this. . . for the second time.  honestly don't know why i didn't.^^

 ^^one buck.  quite the steal.^^
 ^^i want on so badly!  man, i'm stuck in the 90s.^^

 ^^cutie pie.^^

 ^^ahh!  she is so beautiful!^^


  1. Love your outfit! I am such a fan of stripes and floral. And I'm also obsessed with the store you were in. It looks perfect.

  2. those photos are fantastic! love the mix of stripes and florals! Have a happy Monday and be sure to check out my newest dress!

  3. I LOVE your outfit! Sooo cute. And this looks like such a fun day! What a beautiful place. I had Mellow Mushroom for last night, by the way. The gourmet white pizza is my favorite! :)

  4. your skirt! and that pizzaaaa. i love it.