sunshine + summertime


last week i went to the beach.
we all had a grand ol' time.
i went with my friend K, but we met up with the brother, his girlfriend, and the moms.
i had a ton of fun with K, laying on the beach as we soaked up the sun (i read a book, she fell asleep), swimming in the ocean, eating yummy food, and catching up on life.  she is the best!  it feels like just a short time ago that we were at preteen camp together, where we became best friends.
it's crazy how time flies.

here are some photos from our time there!
i wouldn't mind living at the beach one day.  just not this one.  a small, cute beach town.


  1. beautiful pictures :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. fun!!
    missing the beach this summer.

    xo The Egg

    1. i was so thankful that i made it there before i head back to school in a couple weeks!