everyday i am constantly reminded of how much i need to depend on the Lord for my strength, patience, the ability to love, and countless other things.  lately i have often been convicted of not giving him my full attention.  don't ask me what has been distracting me, because honestly i'm not sure.  one thing i do know is that i want more then anything else to be persistent in pursuing him.  even more importantly, i want to constantly remember and know that he is still pursuing me.

i'm reminded everyday that i must continue to put my trust in the Lord.  it is much more then a one time commitment.  it is a daily decision and prayer.  i've asked the Lord to let me be more conscious of his presence in my everyday life, and boy, when i am focusing on his presence, it makes decisions of my words, actions, and even what i do in private much easier.  i've been studying more about what the light of God really means.  he is the ultimate light of the world that casts out darkness, we are just privileged to be able to walk in his light and spread it to all the world.  we were designed to enjoy this light, Christ Jesus, above all else.  he only can fulfill the deepest desires of our heart.

he only can cast away every fear and anxiety in our lives.  he only can lift his people out of the darkness of the world.  dependence in our world is often seen as a sign of immaturity.  fully depending on God is the single most mature and wise decision(s) we will/can ever make in our lives.


  1. This post is so true. It is really hard to fully depend on Him and this is definitely something I've been struggling with lately. It's SO easy to get distracted and just forget why we are here. You are right, putting our trust in God is so much more than just a one time commitment. It is something we must do every day! I've also been struggling with this. I tend to want things done my way and in my time and I just forget that God has a plan for me, and His is so much greater than mine. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, girl I totally understand with wanting things done in my way in time! It can be a struggle to surrender our desires to the Lord, but it is and will be worth it! Praying for you, friend! :)

  2. I really needed to hear these words today. Thank you (Jessi & Jesus!) xo