this week


this week i...

-cut my own bangs (BIG deal for me guys!)
-took two exams
-PASSED both exams!  pretty sure i'm getting a B in both classes too!  such a relief.  theses were probably the two hardest and least enjoyable classes of my college career.

 tomorrow i will...

-go on a roadtrip
-get a antique bike
-spend time with Em
-ride a ferry
-explore the countryside
-take lots of pictures
-possibly play in graveyards and corn fields
-lay on the beach
-go to Williamsburg
-eat yummy food

obviously i have been waiting for tomorrow all week.
what have you been up to this week?


  1. Cutting your own bangs is a pretty risky endeavor. I'm impressed! I hope you have fun on your road trip, those are the best! Oh, and congratulations on passing those exams :)

  2. congratulations!! i hope you were able to check off everything on that wonderful 'tomorrow' list!