picture heavy post.  ready. . . GO!

^^ i basically grew up here.^^

 ^^adventure is out there.^^

 ^^my grandpa had me convinced this house was haunted when i was little.  now i just think it's the bee's knees.^^

 ^^phone photographer extraordinaire, obviously.^^

^^hey, that's my birthday!  well, not the year.^^

 ^^ah, i just love this one of Em.^^

 ^^oh, and this one too.^^

 ^^ferry ride.^^

 ^^smiley face made out of guacamole?  i'll take it.^^
 ^^nom nom.^^

^^i was scared to put it down in fear that it would fall apart even more.^^

^^he wrote our names in the nice list, of course.^^

 ^^oh, Richmond.^^
^^my hometown is beautiful.^^
 ^^okay, now how else would you finish the day off?^^

 ^^shockoe bottom.^^

^^i just consumed one of those peaches.  so sweet and delicious.^^
 ^^Life coffee shop in downtown RVA.^^
 ^^that's by dance studio!^^
if you have made it this far, congratulations. 
reward yourself.  i recommend coffee or a donut. 

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  1. These pictures are wonderful! Looks like SUCH a beautiful place. I'm glad you guys had fun! And I'm soo craving a donut right now.