tidbits of my weekend


Such a glorious weekend.  A summer-lovin, spontaneous adventures, bike-riding, Lynchburg kind of weekend.

The trip started off right with the best coffee in the world, Wawa of course.  Coffee and good music are musts for road trips.  After arriving in the ol' Burg, I had dinner with a precious friend.  We had yummy gourmet pizza, I told her about India, and she told me about her wedding and married life.  Such a sweet, sweet time with a cherished friend.

On to Saturday!  I got up at the crack of dawn to head to the Farmer's Market and breakfast with my future roomie and my RD.  So fun!  I tasted one of the best apples I had ever had in my life, but sadly couldn't get any produce since I was just staying for the weekend.  Afterwards, we went to Market at Main for breakfast (one of my favorite restaurants in Lynchburg) and I got sweet potato pancakes.  Delicious!

Of course when I arrived back to the Squirrel's Nest, Abs had an adventure planned, up her sleeve... but of course there were several spontaneous adventures, which is bound to happen if you spend a day with this lady.  First, we went to the flea market we both had been so curious about for quite some time.  Well it turned out to be redneck's paradise!  Abs did get a polaroid camera thought for a great price and she told me that some company bought them out so will be making film for them again soon!  Rejoice!

After our only two coffee shops in town being closed, we searched for another cafe, but it turned out to be an Asian cafe.  Just our luck.  Gonna start praying for a hole in the wall coffee shop in Lynchburg very soon!  We then went to a few thrift stores and got a several great finds!  I finally got a pair of high wasted jeans that I cut into shorts and they are super cute!

We then went to lunch at a new restaurant that we had been wanting to try.  It was a deli downtown and it was absolutely delicious!  Abs got a turkey sandwich (given) and I got the caprese.  We scarfed them down like champs.

The next part of the day was my absolute favorite.  We went on a bike ride on Blackwater Trails.  Beautiful!  Everything was so green, we went over two bridges, and there was a gentle breeze.  It was pretty much perfect.  I forgot how much I love riding bikes!  It had been so long since I rode one and man, was I feeling it in my bum on Sunday!

We took it easy the rest of the day, baking coffee cake, cutting of the hairs, drinking of the coffees, and snacking on the kettle corns.

Sunday I went to my church and it was the first time I had been to our new location!  It is meeting at a club now (kinda strange, but it's actually really nice).  I got to catch up with my sweet friend Cas, who I went to India with.  It was so great to see her and I can't wait to spend more time with her when I get back to school.  Loved hearing a great message from Pastor Andrew and worshiping with my church!

Sunday afternoon, Abs and I ate a yummy Italian lunch (spaghetti and leftover pizza), and then painted a frame she had found on the side of the road.  See what I mean?  Spontaneous adventurist she certainly is.  We took the "day of rest" thing pretty literally and were kinda bums the rest of the afternoon before I left.

I of course had to make one last stop at Joe Bean's before leaving town (I went twice), and then back to RVA I went.  Snickerdoodle coffee and belting out Citizens are how you survive a rainy roadtrip.  Slightly more specific then your everyday roadtrip, I might add.

More thoughts (and pictures) later on cameras, photography, and blog ideas :)

PS: Abs took that stellar photo.  Well, except for her half, I took that.  But Kevin (her camera) is a talented guy.  Check out Abs facebook page here.   


  1. I love it when you score at a thrift store. Post a picture of those shorts, I wanna see em!

    1. i posted a picture in my post from the fourth of july! i'm thinking of doing a thrift fashion post soon too!