monday happenings


remember these glasses that i did a review on back in february? 
well guess what?!  they will no longer be "fake" glasses next week!
i went to the eye doctor today and surprise, surprise, i needed glasses.  my left eye is really bad, but my right is almost perfect.  the doctor showed me the difference of what my vision would be like with glasses and it was an incredible difference!
i also realized afterwards that i had been having trouble at school reading some things on the boards if i sat towards the back of the class.
i am super excited to get my "new" glasses though!

in other news, i leave for school in less then three days.
my room is a disaster.
did i ever mention that i hate packing.  cause i do.  a lot.

after contacting a few lovely bloggers who are ESL teachers in Korea, as well as a friend of mine recently getting a job there, my mom and i have been talking more about my future and what it might look like.  let's just say i am stoked to see what the Lord will do with my life.  i also cherish talking about it with my mom because she is one of the VERY few people who get as excited about it as i do.  i simply cannot wait to teach precious Asian children!  

also, i am getting someone to re-design my blog for me!  i am stoked!  she is so super sweet and really working with me and try to figure out what i like.  so expect some awesome changes to the blog very soon.  

on that note, i will stop procrastinating and attempt to get back to packing.  
hope everyone's monday's were swell!

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