Firmoo Review!


I adore my new glasses.  

A few weeks ago I got an email from Firmoo asking me if I wanted to review their product.  I was ecstatic when I got this email because I had seen several blog reviews, and only heard good things about Firmoo, so I of course replied back saying that I would gladly review their product.  

Not only had I been wanting to try Firmoo for quite some time, but I had also been searching for the perfect pair of glasses.  These were exactly what I had been searching for!  

I emailed the company representative back, and he quickly replied telling me to pick out a pair.  I don't have glasses or contacts, and I don't wear sunglasses much, so I decided to go with these adorable classes.  They do offer prescription though, which is awesome!

After I had picked out the glasses I wanted I emailed him back, and they shipped my glasses just a couple of days later!  Wonderful service!  

Just a couple days later I got an email that my package had arrived and I rushed to the post office on campus to pick it up!  

They came in a case with a cloth to clean the glasses with as well.  

Overall, I LOVE these glasses.  They are super comfortable and cute!  

Now for the best part!  Firmoo wants to share the love with all of you!  They offer a program that provides free glasses to new customers!  The only thing you have to pay for is shipping.  

Click this link to get your free pair today! 

PS: I totally looked like Waldo the day I got them.     

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