i was watching a video by Jefferson Bethke earlier this week (he is great, so go check his videos out!).  if you want a pre-cursor click here for the link.  he talked about how as a body of believers we need to be more vulnerable with each other.  none of us ever have it all together.  we are human and we are sinners, and it is so much healthier for our spiritual lives if we are open and honest about our struggles.  

i thought that this video was so on point and definitely something that a lot of Christians need to hear today.  it is so easy to pretend like everything is perfect in our lives when in all reality, we may be facing some really heavy trials or spiritual battles.

i got to thinking about it even more and realized that sometimes i have even seen others (and myself at times) try to make it appear as if their life is fine and dandy, but not just to other people, but to God.

my friends, we are completely free to lay every feeling we have down before our Maker.  i know i still deal with fear and anxiety pretty regularly.  these feelings themselves are not sinful, but they can be strong temptations to sin.  it is so easy to get caught up in unhealthy feelings, spiritual battles, or whatever else you may be going through.  at these times is when it is most important to affirm our trust in Him, regardless of how we may feel.

it is unhealthy to hide our fears and pretend like they aren't there.  if we hold anxiety and worry in our hearts, it just harbors and can grow even more.  if we are open and transparent about our fears, it allows the Lord to help us in our weakness.  fearfulness will have no hold on us if we are clinging to the promises of our trustworthy and faithful God.

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