rising out of the ashes


 you probably thought this was a spiritual post didn't you.  sorry, it's not. 

i have almost risen out of the ashes...
of math that is... tomorrow i take my final.

anyway, i am so super stoked to pack my life up (again) and get back to school one week from tomorrow!  
i thrive on routine big-time and can't wait to get back in to one.  also, i get to be reunited with all of my pals!
i do think the best part though is to be able to be in a place, one more year, where not i get to be poured into by some of the world's most knowledgeable and godly men and women.  i get to spend one more year cultivating friendships with some amazing ladies that will surely hold lots of laughter, tears, and amazing God-moments along the way.  
i really hope that we get to take our hall camping this year.  
just so you know, my roommate/RA partner is SO.GREAT.
i can't wait too see what God has in store for our hall!  it will surely be a year for the books.

here's some random things i've been loving lately...

-i can't get over how adorable this family is.  really makes we want more boys someday.   
-i can't decide if i want to buy this, or this next.  
-also, i want succulents.  aren't these super cute?! 
also, this is my friend Sarah and she's getting MARRIED!  Sarah and I have been best friends since she came to my church in third grade.  so so excited for her and Micah.  

i'm going on a mini-vacation this weekend to my grandparent's river house with my friend Em.  also, i will be getting an antique bike!  rejoice!  bike rides all day, everyday when i get back to the 'Burg.  



  1. Have fun on your mini vacation! And an antique bike sounds amazing. I want one!

  2. Oh my days, that family are so cute! And loving the succulents too, great choices :)

    Have fun on vacay! xo