Lynchburg Life | James River Footbridge + Woodruff's


My last weekend in Lynchburg, I was sitting around at home doing nothing, bored out of my mind. My roomies friend (who quickly became my friend as well) was sitting in the living room, doing what I thought was homework.  I found out she was actually shopping online, so we both agreed that we clearly needed an adventure. So we hopped in the car and headed for the mountains.  We drove on one of my favorite roads to the footbridge and stopped to dream, take pictures, and talk about just how great the Lord is. On our way back, we made not one, but two stops. How can you say no to homeade pie and icecream?!

I will admit that I have been known for these crazy, spur-of-the-moment, hop in the car and drive who knows where adventures.  But I think those are the best kind of adventures anyway, right?


  1. stunning pictures. and that pie? i'm drooling.
    those adventures are definitely the best kind <3

  2. Yes!!! Those are definitely the best; they keep you alive:)

  3. The fourth photo is so pleasing to my eye. Perfectly framed :)
    I sometimes feel like you live worlds away and I love seeing it through your lens.