Lynchburg Life | First Day of Spring


As I scrolled through Instagram this afternoon, I ran across a picture of Rita's.  Oh my word, it's the first day of Spring!  And you know what that means?  Yes, FREE Rita's.

At this realization I immediately jumped from my bed and ran down the hall looking for open curtains or signs of life for some friends to come with me.  These three beauties were up for the spontaneous adventure (I'm known for these on my hall), so off we went.

We ate it in the grass on the side of the road.  A picnic, if you will.  

Free Rita's, sweet sunshine, and wonderful company.  I'd say Spring is off to a good start.

 ^^Summer in a cup.^^
^^Cutie pies.^^


  1. That looks like an awesome first day of Spring!! Mine wasn't as awesome but you reminded me of this custard I've had in Milwaukee last year. It was d-e-l-i-s-h-! :)
    Anyways, happy Friday!

    1. Oh my word. Custard is delicious! I love getting the gelato at Rita's cause you get the Italian ice AND custard.

  2. It's really uncanny how much you resemble my other friend Jess, here in Australia.

    You're both so beautiful :)