Weekend Homework Breaks: RVA


Sorry it has been a while everybody!  I had hectic weeks the last two weeks.  I was sick most of the week, which was quite the bummer, but hopefully that won't happen again because it is actually warm outside!  Praise Jesus!  and it is almost 7pm as I type this and it is still light outside.  Oh man, I just love the spring!  

Anyway... last week I also had a really big paper due, and it was probably the hardest paper that I have ever written in my whole college career.  I am beyond relieved that that baby is done!  Not to mention that I am currently on spring break!  Whaddup?!  

Can I just say that I am so thankful that the Lord is ALWAYS working in our lives, even when we don't see it.  I cannot wait for the things that will be in my future, but I have been learning not to miss what He is doing RIGHT NOW in my life.  I don't want to take a single day for granted.  

Now to end that short rant, I thought I'd share a few photos from last weekend with you all.  I came home for the weekend with my friend Kawin, and to be honest, we actually did homework most of the time.  To stay sane, we took a few breaks and made an adventure out of what would normally be a boring homework day.  

 ^^an adventure day wouldn't be complete without one!^^

 ^^sometimes I get mochas just because they are so pretty.  also, I'm pretty sure I have the best phone case ever.  it's a map!!!^^

 ^^these thrift shops are to die for.  I just want everything in there.^^

 ^^and then we took pictures on the parking garage...^^

have more RVA adventures planned for this week, so be on the lookout for those at the end of this week!  

Tomorrow is Monday, the day of the week that most people dread.  I'll just tell you what I tell my girls at curfew checks on Sunday nights...
Kick Monday in the butt.  No apologies!