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I am beyond excited to introduce this new series.  I've been stirring thoughts and ideas around in my head about this since summer.  The idea for this came about when I wanted to "feature" my friends on my blog.  For memories sake, but I also wanted to get to know them better through it.  

One of my favorite things to talk about with people is what they are passionate about.  Their eyes light up and they could go on forever talking about it.  I just love hearing about what God has placed on each persons heart, and why it is that they love it.  This is why I decided to do this project.  I guess you could say that I'm passionate about others passions. 

Without further ado, I introduce you to my new series, Share Your Passion. 

My dear friend, and the first to share her passions with me, is Karen.  She cracks me up and brings me smiles on a daily basis.  We are known for our unashamed concerts and dance parties in the car.  #acapella.  She is a smoothie maker extraordinaire and shares my love for organization and having things in their place.  Karen is sweet, bold, and loving. When she commits to something she doesn't go in half-heartedly, but pursues it with all her heart.  Karen constantly encourages me and points me towards the Lord.  She is loud, sassy, and outgoing, but the most humble person I know.  She amazes me with her attitude of humility, as well as her commitment to and reliance on the Lord. 

When I first asked Karen what she was passionate about, she said that she had no idea.  I gave her "the look", and she immediately smiled.  If you know Karen, then you know this about her.  The girl loves purple.  I mean she REALLY loves purple. 

So we came up with a plan.  Karen had never painted the spirit rock at our school before, so we headed out to Walmart, got a couple cans of spray paint, and went to town on the spirit rock.  We got a few weird looks as most people paint it at night so that nobody can see, but it was a blast all the same!  

"I think that being obsessed with sports or an activity is more common among people today, but not me, I am a little different than “most” people. I am obsessed with the color purple! I absolutely love this color for reasons that may not make much sense to people. Nevertheless, I have been passionate about this color ever since my junior year in high school, which would mean that this relationship has lasted for four years now. Purple has become part of who I am, in that everything I buy has to be or contain some sort of purple.  But one reason would be that after I stared loving purple it was fun to identify myself with a color, it became exciting to find things that were purple and adding them to collection. Even now when I go out and see things that usually don’t come in purple, and they so happen to have them, I want to buy them. It also makes it a lot easier to match; being a girl this is really convenient. I can match without going through my whole closet (which is mostly purple) and taking a long time deciding. As I have moved on with my life, people around me start to notice how much purple I own. It is pretty crazy but I love the fact that my obsession brings a great conversation starter.  I am sure that purple will be in my life for a long time, but for now I just adore to see my life being painted in purple."

 --Sincerely, PurpleHolic :)  


      Thanks so much Karen for letting me take pictures of you and being such a good sport and brave soul to paint the rock in the daytime!  You are beautiful and I am so thankful for you!

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