RVA Days | Adventures with Nana


Every time I come home from break, I make a short drive over to my Nana's house.  
Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go!  Literally...

Anyway, we usually go grab lunch somewhere and she told me about this vegetarian restaurant that she had seen in the paper (see, it's still good for something!  Just a lesson that it still needs to be read.)  So we decided to be adventurous and go into the city to try it out.  
 New favorite restaurant in RVA, for sure!  

Not only that, but we also tried out a new donut place.  We split one because we were pretty full, but we both agreed that it was possibly the best donut we've ever had.  Coming from me, that is a big deal guys!  

We then headed to the only local yarn shop in Richmond (after The Yarn Lounge closed.  Saddest day ever).  It wasn't quite as great as the old standby, but it still had a party of knitting elderly ladies inside, which always brightens my day.  I also got some great yarn for part two of my travel blanket I am making!

Last, we went to a really cute shop that had a bunch of little shops inside.  Inception of local shops, anyone?  They were from all local vendors, and had some really cool stuff!  I had been there a really long time ago because my Nana really likes the store, but I heard about it again from my friend in Korea whose aunt owns one of the little shops.  Small world?  Yes, indeed.   

I'm so thankful for such a fun, loving grandmother.  Nana is a spunky, sweet lady and I love that even at her age, she still is up for new adventures.  She wouldn't let me take a picture of her, but here are a few shots from our day.

^^I walked in and was hooked.  So many choices!  Very rare for a vegetarian.^^

^^Probably my favorite picture of the whole day.^^

^^I went back later in the week and got this.  Portabella sandwich and sweet potato fries.^^
^^I'm a sucker for beans a rice.^^

^^Literal hole in the wall.^^

^^The donut on the right, in the front.  Heaven in my mouth, I tell you.^^

^^Also a sucker for cheesy lines.  I say the middle one quite regularly actually...^^
^^Map wallpaper!^^

Starting a new series on the blog next week, so be on the look out for it.  I am STOKED. 


  1. I could totally see the map wallpaper at my place! Man, one of these days I really should make a visit to RVA! :)

    1. You should for sure! There is so much to see and do! :)

  2. Very sweet, Jessi! I love the pic of the hands, too!

    Aunt Beth

  3. Man, everything in America just seems so much more awesome.

    I guess I just have to come visit ;)

    1. I think the exact same thing about Australia :)

      But you should totally come visit! That would be so fun!