Hello again, Blog World!


How do I begin to even sum up the past two months of my life?  Let me just start with this simple, but oh so truthful statement.  God is good.  Since being back at school the Lord has blown me away.  I have been continuing to see just how inadequate I really am to do all the tasks and handle all the issues that have needed resolving.  The Lord has provided me with such peace during this stressful and emotional time that I can't even begin to describe.  He has been teaching me full reliance and trust in Him in countless new ways.  He has spoken to my heart and revealed himself to me in ways I never thought were possible.  I am constantly reminded that I don't have to fight the battle anymore, because he has already won the war for my heart.

I've been reading a lot in the Corinthians and a certain verse I read really stuck out to me and definitely convicted me.  As I've established before, I am quite the perfectionist.  Obviously, perfection is something that I will never attain, and God's redeeming power would not have a place in my life.  As I was reading in the final chapter of 2 Corinthians, this passage jumped out of the page at me. 

"For we are glad when we are weak and you are strong.  Your restoration is what we pray for."

I have been constantly talking with several friends about how our weaknesses are a chance for the Lord's strength, might, and power to shine through more evidently.  But to be glad that I am weak?  That is certainly not something that I can say that I do in the least.  I need the Lord's restoration and guiding hand in my life everyday.  I want to rejoice in my weaknesses so that Christ's glory may be displayed through every facet of my life.  

 God will give us the right words to say at the right time.  He will reveal the direction we are to go in HIS time, not our own.  He is sovereign.  He is King.  He is Lord.