Morning Time


Morning time is my favorite time.  I love to be able to sit down, eat a yummy breakfast, drink hot coffee, read Scripture, and stare out the window.   I don't think there is a better combination then breakfast food, coffee, and a journal.  I tend to want to sleep in till the last minute, but when I take the time to get up a little earlier, my whole day is always much better.  Steel cut oats with cinnamon, honey, and apple chips are my breakfast of choice as of late.  Warm, sweet, and filling.  And it keeps me full till my lunch break at work.

Okay, I'm not a food blogger.  But I do know how these times intentionally set aside are where the Lord meets me.  MERCY.  His refreshing, life giving Spirit whispers in my ear, and I am changed.  Much better then that extra hour of sleep.

Also, I'm learning and growing so much lately and am so excited how the Lord is going to stretch me in this new season.  I feel like the unknown of the future is becoming more and more exciting lately.  Let's pray my mindset and emotions about the future continue to stay this way!