Lynchburg Life: Adventure Day with Rebekah


Went on a little adventure with my roommate from freshman year, Rebekah on Sunday.
I don't get to see this lady as often as I would like to, but when we do reunite, it's as if we are still freshmen all over again.  All of the giggles and fun times are had.

I took her to a few of my favorite spots in the 'Burg and snapped a few photos of her.  She is a beaut.  See for yourself!

Guest Blogs and New Blog!


so I would love to start having guest posts on my blog for you ladies that are around this neck of the woods regularly.  if you have a recipe, DIY, or travel post related to spring-y things, that would be super cool.  if this interests you at all, comment or email me and let me know.


I am also now blogging for a Christian blog run by a couple of friends of mine.
They let a woman (me) in on the boyz club.  They are some solid guys and share really cool things.
Check out He Calls Me Son here.  and stop by the who we are page to see my bio and who the other authors are as well!    

snow day!


i enjoyed the first of TWO snow days with two of my dearest friends.  also, valentine's day was wonderful.  i ate lots of chocolate, got flowers, went to my future roomies concert, and watched a rom com.  peace out, girl scouts! 



a quartet of old city cemetery captures.
1. the infamous birdhouse.
2. ancient african burial rituals.
3. some of billy's friends.
4. soldier's field with wreaths.

This song has been on repeat.

Sometimes All You Need is Puppy Love


Some of my favorite things.

Just a few instas from my personal day with Abbey last week.

We discovered a local yarn shop, got crafty, sang lots of original songs, and snuggled with Pete.
It was great and a perfect break from my usual hectic routine.

Thrifted Thursday - Winter Sweater and New Boots


sweater - thrifted // jeans - Ross // socks - Forever21 // boots - Etsy

Snow is falling once again outside, but it is already much more then this small snowfall we had last month.  I really love this sweater though, as I think it's perfect for the snowy, winter weather.  I got it at the beginning of last winter during my sweater obsession phase.  I just got those lovely boots from Christmas too thanks to Santa and can't wait to wear them in even more.  Thankfully, my sweater obsession and new boots have proved to be very useful in the freezing weather we have been having lately.  Beautiful, but way too cold.  

I think I'm going to start doing more style/thrifted posts.  They are pretty easy to do, and let's be honest, most of my closet is thrifted anyway.  I am obsessed.  

Tonight and tomorrow will consist of drinking lots of coffee and tea, watching the snow fall, and reading Harry Potter.  I am blessed.  



The nations have captured my heart.  I can't wait to take roots and plant my feet in a foreign country.  Maybe one of these days I'll call that country across the world home, but for now I'll live every moment to the fullest.  



Crazy busy last semester.  Sorry for the lack of posts on the blog lately, but life has been full of excitement and adventures. 

Abbey Joy's beautiful piano.