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The most wonderful time of the year.  I enjoy all the lights, music, snow, and the cheerfulness that is in the air.  Christmas time is just plain good.

My love for Christmas goes beyond just this time of the year though.  It's more then just, "let's hustle around buying all the presents at the best deals we can get and eat a bunch of fattening food."  Afterwards I feel like it's a challenge for myself to remember the wonderful humility, wonder, and sacrifice it was for Jesus to come to earth.  I hope to one day do lots of Christmas crafts and fun Christmas-ey things to teach to teach my little students about Jesus' birth.  I want them to know about and grow to love the true meaning of Christmas at a young age.  I don't know what the specific culture's Christmas' will be like when I get to who knows what country, but I'm sure my love for this special holiday will not change one bit!

I had also been talking to my mom about what I will do as far as gifts for my family/Santa will go one day.  I think I don't want to do Santa, as I feel it takes away from the true meaning of the season.  Two things that will never stop are the "ugly" (beautiful in my opinion) sweaters and all of the festive, delicious food.  Food is good.  Even though I will miss my family terribly, I am excited to see what traditions my own family will come up with while we are in another country.  Let's be honest, I'm sure some of them will be quite crazy as I can't seem to stay away from adventure in some shape or form.  I just love being living life to the fullest without a thought of what others may think.  For now, I am so thankful to be able to spend this special season with my family here at home.  I've been able to have such sweet talks with my momma, tease back and forth with dad, and have lots of laughs with brother.

 Brother and I went out adventuring at the pond in our neighborhood today with Charlotte (my new camera).  I feel as though this picture is how my face is most of the time anyway, so thought I'd give you all a real look into my everyday life. 

Also, can it just be socially acceptable for me to wear this sweater the rest of the winter?  I have two more in my closet too that are just dying to be worn a few more times...

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