just around the river bend


 Am I really almost an ADULT?  I can't believe it's six months away.  It' really only felt like a few weeks since I made that first drive to my dorm, as that timid, shy freshmen.

Life has been flying by me and I don't even know where to start.  Don't worry though.  I haven't actually gotten a job or anything just yet.  I do however have to start that search into the big world (well just the 'Burg for now, the actual World later) for that adult job that must be had to pay bills and such, as adults do. I will be leaving the college/dorm life behind, which will be bittersweet.  I will be so excited to be living on my own and to prepare for my full-time career overseas, but it will be hard to leave the community that has meant so much to me over the past three years.  But it is time to move on.  I am so extremely blessed to have studied under the professors I've had, been poured into by godly men and women, and been surrounded by some of the world's most encouraging people.  I am even more blessed that God has been faithful throughout it all, teaching me things all along the way.

Everyone keeps telling me to savor my last semester, as college years are the "golden years" and it only goes downhill afterwards. At the moment I already feel in over my head most of the time with 18 credits in all upper level classes, RA life, and volunteering at church, all while still trying to maintain a social life.  Ha.  I'm sure that "grown-up" life will give me a whole new meaning of the word "busy." 

The craziness that is RA has I believe finally turned into somewhat of a routine, except for the few mishaps, of course.  I've had to learn how to make time for things other then homework and administrative duties (like reading, blogging, spending time outside, etc.) 

I'm happy to be busy.  And I'm happy that I know that you all share in my business too and can relate.

Hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas celebrating our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 


  1. This makes me smile. Congratulations on entering this new stage of life. It's been a year since I graduated, and boy has it been a roller-coaster. I changed so much and learnt a ton of new things about myself and about life in general. It's an exciting and challenging time. Don't be scared of it. Embrace it and you will find your feet in no time.

    p.s.The feeling of being an 'adult' still hasn't hit me yet...so don't feel crazy if you don't feel it straight away :-)

    1. Thanks for the advice and encouraging words! :)
      I'm sure I will always have the sense of "being a kid" inside of me.

  2. As someone who graduated a couple years ago, I would encourage you to look for biblical community AS SOON AS you graduate. There were a couple months when I didn't really have anyone to hold me accountable/disciple me; God was so gracious in putting a wonderful lady in mentoring me 3 or 4 months after graduation. But I wish I had been more intentional in seeking one earlier :)

    1. I plan on it! I go to a church now that I love and plan on getting more involved with volunteering and getting into a community group after I graduate, but I would definitely like to find a mentor and someone to disciple me as well.