my new favorite stationary


guys, it's almost new years!  i wanted to share with you one of my most simple, yet favorite christmas presents.  i am currently writing letters to friends (remember this post?) because these cards are just beautiful!  guys, go out a buy some beautiful stationary and i guarentee you will write more.

trying to pick which card to put with which envelope has been proving to be quite hard.  maybe i'll just send a combination of each one to all different people!  hey, if you're reading this and want a letter, comment and maybe i'll even send one of my lovely followers a little something.  i just love this stationary so much.

seriously, there are bikes AND maps on these!  two of my favorite things!  also, i obviously need some help with my photography skills.  any tips for a DSLR newbie? 


  1. This stationary is so cute! Love the maps!
    My only problem with stationary is all the stationary I buy I want to keep for myself haha!

    1. Girl, I feel you! I will definitely be keeping one of each of the designs for myself :)

  2. ahhhh that's one of my favorite types of stationary!! LOVE it!!
    I also love postcards.
    Nothing can replace the warmth a handwritten letter has!!

  3. Hello Jessi....Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I was delighted to have you visit.

    You are right that handwritten letters, although practically obsolete, are, indeed, magical. I treasure any that I get.

    Hope your new year is terrific. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan! Hope you had a great new year's as well!

  4. Hello Jessi,

    lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    I love stationery too - and have a supply of lovely paper to write my letters on.
    Good luck with the new camera - I say just go out and take lots of photos and enjoy
    Happy new Year

    1. Thanks!
      So far that's what I have been doing with the camera! Hopefully going to get some more pointers from a friend soon :)
      Happy New Year to you as well!