Carytown Adventures


Today I went to Carytown with my dear friend, Em.
We ate yummy salads with roasted tomatoes and goat cheese at New York Deli.
I tried Moshi for the first time.  It was very interesting...
I got a vintage RVA postcard to hang in my room at school.
I got an RVA T-shirt.
We marveled at the books in Chop Suey.
I left B-sides without the ugly sweater I desperately wanted (that took major self control).
We ate yummy truffles from For the Love of Chocolate.
I got a pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes and showed Em the proper way to eat a cupcake.  
I got very depressed that Dixie Donuts and the Yarn Lounge were closed.
And, we had loads of fun.  
This girl is great and I cherish her friendship.



  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It made my day. :)

    Your pictures and blog are lovely!

  2. Looks like you gals had a fun time. I mean, Anytime truffles are thrown in how could one possibly have a bad day? Thanks for the blog love! Love your blog!

  3. A) I like this sweater. B) I want to eat that SO BAD.

    1. A) Thank you!
      B) It was very yummy. I ate every last bite!
      C) I appreciate that you alphabetized your comments. It made me smile :)

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  5. These pictures are adorable! And your sweater is awesome!!!
    xo TJ

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  7. Now that sounds like my kind of day! Full of little adventures and accomplishments :)