Goodbye Christmas


Christmas is over.
Can you believe it?
Man, it always flies by so quickly!
I hope everybody has had a blessed Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter with family and friends!
So thankful for my amazing family.
I really need to hit the hay, but that bottle of coke was probably not my brightest idea...
Hopefully the sandman will follow in Santa's footsteps tonight.

How was everybody's Christmas?


  1. I cannot believe it's over already! My christmas was lovely. How was yours!!?

    1. I'm glad you had a good Christmas!
      Mine was great as well! :)

  2. Christmas this year seems to have come and gone in the wink of an eye! I can't believe it's already over.

    I hope you had a fabulous holiday.

    I love your "about me" : that everything else is just details. I love true that is - Our first identity should always be followers of Christ.

    Excited to be reading your blog, now!


  3. Thank you so much Alynne!
    I love your blog as well! :)