Merry Christmas!


Even though it's Christmas break, I still am busy with things to do.  Our family had a wonderful Christmas!  My grandparents from NC came up and we just got back from our aunt, uncle, and cousins house.  So much food and laughter!  I'm gonna to start the 5 for Five posts, because I always seem to get things done quicker (or actually get them done at all) if I make a list, especially if I post that list for all to see ;)


1) Buy a wedding gift for my friends wedding in CT on Sunday.  SO excited for the road trip with some of my favorite ladies as well!  It's gonna be an awesome weekend!  Expect a picture heavy post mid-week next week for this event!
2) Finish reading Hunger Games then go buy Mockingjay.  This is definitely not something that needs to be done, but I really want to do it, so I'm putting it on this list anyway because it is pretty important to me right now ;)
3) Order my books for next semester online.  My mom is being so generous and paying for them for me!  Such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!
4) Go to the gym before I leave on Friday!
5) Clean the mess that is my room...

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!  
I will hopefully also be posting one more post before this weekend, and after I get back and the New Year starts my posts will be much more regular because I will actually have a schedule again.  Wahoo!

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