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  1. Hi Jessi,

    I just found your blog and read the first post. I really appreciate and love how you described beauty from a Biblical perspective, in that, through Christ, we are beautiful and flawless in His sight...and because of Him, we don't have to strive and try to achieve the world's definition of beauty (which is too often sexualized, as opposed to true beauty in both character and modesty).

    Thank you for being willing to seek after God and point others to Him. I read that you have a heart for teenage girls. I think this is so sweet and is nice to read about. From the time of my early twenties (I'm twenty eight now), I have wanted to reach out to teenage girls and even reach kids who are labeled as different in high school. God has blessed me with the opportunity to be a friend and mentor to a greater or lesser degree in the lives of two teenage girls I know and I am thankful for this. Surely, adolescence is a time in a girl's life when in the pursuit of trying to fit in or "find themselves", too often ends up bringing regret and pointless ways of spending time, such as chasing after boys who have no clue what it means to be in a loving, committed relationship and even if they did, would not have the capacity of a genuine commitment like this due to their age, lack of maturity, and lack of wisdom because they haven't been through enough in life since they are so young.

    I wanted to share a resource with you that I KNOW will be a great help and tool for you to read yourself and share with the teenage girls you know and possibly mentor. It is called, "It's (Not That) Complicated" by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. (These girls are Christian sisters who have a lot of great articles and resources available on their web site: ) I purchased this book for five different teenage girls I know of already and it is a book I plan to continue to buy for teenage girls I happen to meet and get to know (One of the girls I gave the book to is a girl my teenage brother is friends with at school and I have only met her once!)

    Jessi, do you like to study Christian resources? If so, what authors and speakers do you enjoy?

    I have found that studying Christian resources (whether that be listening to sermons, watching lectures and debates, or reading articles and good books) has increased my faith in God and shown evidence as to the validity of the Bible as the word of God and Christianity as indeed true.

    Do check out my blog (and keep in touch!). It's nice to have met another girl who looks around my age, is a believer and follower of Jesus, and likes writing.

    ♥ Emma Joy

    1. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, Emma!