Lynchburg Life | Exploring with Amanda


The best part of this city is it's many hidden gems.  I love discovering them and snapping just small pieces of my beloved city.  I swear, I could not find a better adventure buddy to go exploring with.  This lady loves capturing the small moments just as much as I do. 

Amanda and I met at the beginning of the summer when she came as a leader to my camp.  I started following her on Instagram through the Lynchburg hashtag, and ended up coming across a picture of one of our camp's cabins on my feed.  The next day I introduced myself to her, and so began our friendship.  Both times we have hung out so far, coffee has been involved, which is an instant bond.  This lady has such a sweet heart and I admire her ability to dream big, yet still be content and live fully in the everyday. 

I found myself giggling at Amanda when she would go to take a picture.  Her picture taking "tactics" are a lot like mine.  I reassured her that I was not laughing at her, but found it funny how similar she was to me when it came to capturing that perfect Instagram shot.  How often my friends make fun of me for stopping a moment to capture a picture, but I love that this lady understands.  I hope there are many more explorations for us to be had before we both leave and venture off to what is next for each of us.  Whether it be France, the Philippines, China, California, Georgia, or anywhere else in between, this lady will do great things. 


  1. These posts make me so keen to visit America. It seems that there is an endless amount of towns with charming nooks and crannies yet to be explored.

    1. You definitely should!
      My heart is torn between exploring here more and traveling far and wide.

  2. Wonderful pictures and gorgeous outfit, you look great! :) I'm your newest follower, please check out my blog if you can;


  3. ah i love those American southern style houses x3 I went to Atlanta a couple of years ago and couldnt get enough of the suburbs