Lynchburg Life | Coffee Dates with Foose


 There's something about coffee dates. Something so refreshing. Something so comforting by hearing a piece of a dear friend's heart, smelling the fresh coffee, and feeling like a part of the local community.  Not to mention, White Hart always plays our favorite music. Good coffeeshop tunes for the win. Don't even get me started on the taste of their mochas though. I have yet to find one that tops it. I would be more then willing to be challenged though if it means going to a new local coffeeshop.

It was Monday, so a date with this fantastic friend was just what I needed.  Even though we have different things we are struggling with, Foose gets me. I always leave feeling understood and encouraged. It probably has something to do with us both wishing we were across the world right now. But we are able to remind each other that the Lord is still faithful and working right now, right here in Lynchburg, VA. There is growth to be had in every season of life. If you are actively seeking, blessings will arise in everyday, simple ways. I've resolved to become better at recognizing these blessings that so easily go unnoticed. 

This city full of gems. There's always something new to discover. This is my home.

 ^^*insert Adele's Hometown Glory lyrics*^^
^^i just want to be a farmer already^^

Good thing there are also surrounding cities with just as much character as this one, so that my wanderlust can be satisfied for now. Not sure their spunk can compare though.


  1. Hi! I'm a new blogger and so far, I love your blog. P.s. Coffees are God's special blessings to mankind.

    Jully @