camp fam


in the crazy ups and downs of the past few weeks, i not only have been too busy to devote time to blog, but i've also been trying to decide what i want this place to be now. (i've yet to come to a conclusion, mostly because i'm still figuring out what is happening in my life right now)

so this is me, posting silly pictures of some of the people that i know accept me and love me just as i am.

these people remind me that God is working in every situation and they help me to see the beauty in everything. they inspire and encourage me, and that is what i want to do for anybody that stumbles across this page. i want to find beauty in the everyday, in the simple things, in creation. because lately, those simple things have proven to mean the most. 


  1. Looks like fun was had and you'll figure it out

    1. It was loads of fun!
      and I think I am figuring it out :)

  2. I'm right with ya there! Camp friends are the best. I love making relationships like that. :D