Lynchburg Life | Lyncstock Music Festival 2014


A couple weeks ago, several of my friends and I went to a music festival in Lynchburg.  
Lynchstock 2014 was one for the books.
Great friends, lots of stellar music, icecream, and a perfect Spring day made this one of the best, if not the best days of the semester.

 ^^Lunch at the Cavalier^^
 ^^I am drooling right now.  I'm a sucker for steak fries.^^
 ^^Keep Colony^^
 ^^The coolest brothers around (the world).^^
 ^^Seriously thankful for this kid.^^
 ^^Dogwood and Holly.  Look them up and listen to their stuff.  You won't regret it.^^
 ^^She is a stunner.^^
 ^^And Sarah is adorable.^^
 ^^Story time.^^
 ^^They get really into story time... and I get confused.^^
 ^^Jane Marczewski with her crew Arson's Harbor.^^
 ^^Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend the day with.  They are rad^^
 ^^Hair flipping^^
 ^^They are absolutely ridiculous^^

 Lynchstock, you were great.  Till next year.


  1. This looks like such a fantastic day!! Awesome pictures! :)

  2. Awwww.. This looks like the most perfect event ! Good music, fun company and yummy treats ^^ I wish it was summer already.. :)

    Indie by heart

  3. I love the car selfie! You guys look so happy :)

    I also love your overall playsuit, it's lovely :) Looks like a delicious and fun adventure! x