Lynchburg Life | Riverside Park


On Sunday, my roommate and I adventured to Riverside Park.
She had never been here before, and I hadn't done much exploring myself, so we took one of the trails down by the river.  It was so great.  Kinda like a mini-hike and just what I needed to clear my head.
This lady blesses me so.

^^I literally screamed from excitement when the train came.^^
 ^^Liz: Outdoors woman, mountain conqueror, and trail runner.^^
 ^^Two words: leg bones.^^
 ^^She told me so was not photogenic.  Pshh!^^
 ^^"Smelling" the flowers.^^
 ^^She also likes to climb things.^^
Liz, thanks for going on unplanned adventures with me, listening to me talk WAY too much, and always encouraging me. 


  1. Exploring with my roommate were some of the greatest times in my life! This brought me back!

    1. I've been blessed with some great roommates over my college years! :)