Happy List of the Week


This week's happiness equates to:

1. Wearing shorts every day.
2. Finally seeing Catching Fire.  We almost had the whole theatre to ourselves. 
3. Putting down my deposit for rent in the Fall (WHAT?!)
4. Eating sweet potatoes and trail mix.
5. Hiking a mountain insanely fast and hiding Easter eggs along the way.
6. Buying shoes for camp.
7. How good my clothes smell from my new detergent.
8. Sipping Joe Beans in sketchy parking lots and trying to come up with places to sit besides the car. 
9. The anticipation of Mom coming to visit this weekend.
10. Reading about Peter in Acts.


  1. This list is perfect. :)

    Wearing shorts is such a nice thing, isn't it? So glad it's finally warming up a bit.

  2. Loved Catching Fire! So good ... makes me even more impatient for the next one!

    I wish I were wearing shorts ... it got so cold again this week!

    1. Oh I know, me too! Although, I am a little disappointed they are making it into two movies :/