Life According to Instagram


1. At school you could get INSIDE of the Christmas tree.  It's probably the coolest thing ever... and against the rules.

2. I watched a little boy slip a note to Santa in this mailbox a few days before Christmas.

3. Visited THE cutest little town ever with Em.

4. Went to DC for the first time with Abs and saw the Christmas trees in front of the White House.

5. Hung out with a bunch of kids from youth group.  We ate lots of food, played catch phrase, and laughed till our bellies hurt.  It was wonderful.

6. Attempted to teach myself how to crochet.  It was a fail for anyone wondering, but I am going to get someone to teach me very soon.

7. Fell in love with George Bailey all over again.  #mancrushmonday

8. Found this great frame at Goodwill at the beginning of last semester, and FINALLY got some chalkboard paint to put it to some good use.

9. Ate at Urban Farmhouse for the first time.  Had a "grown-up" grilled cheese and mocha and they were yummy in my tummy!  


  1. Getting inside of a Christmas tree - oh my, that is magical!! In my ideal world, the inside of the Christmas tree would be a decent-sized amphitheater and that is where they will show Christmas plays/have some type of Christmas choir concert.
    oh yes.

    1. Oh my word, that would be the coolest thing ever!

  2. Your instagram tells a great story, Jessi. Awesome start of a new year xx