Lynchburg Lyfe


I have been loving and appreciating this city more and more lately.  The beautiful buildings, the mountains, my favorite coffee shop reopening, the biking and running trails, my secret getaways. . . I'm all about finding new adventures and gems in this city of mine.  I've already had such great memories in this city and can't wait to make more until the time comes when I leave it.  Those students who say there is nothing to do in Lynchburg?  They are plain crazy.  Get out into the city, meet new people, and find out about those hole-in-the-wall places, or events that are "underground."  Here are some of my more recent pictures from out and about in one of my favorite cities.  I even like to call it home sometimes.


  1. Lovely shots! I adore that coffee one with the back on the background.

  2. Oh wow! What a beautiful photos! :)

  3. Lovely shots, I adore seeing photos from around the world where bloggers live :)

    Hmm maybe...