A Bookworm in a Bookstore


So there I was.
Perusing the aisles of the used bookstore, the one and only book I intended to buy already in hand.
When I stumbled upon the biographies and memoirs...

I read A Life in France last summer, and that lady is one of my favorite people ever now.
Yep, I'll grab that book too...

But then...

Along came the Literature section!
So many classics and books I've been wanting to ready for years!

So then, I grab a couple more.
I actually picked a few up and put them back down several times before making definite decisions.
Okay, I'm good, I thought.

... nope, not quite.

Religious section comes up.
Grabbed an old favorite and marched right up to the cashier not to turn back for fear of more books calling my name from the shelves.
And that folks, was my trip to the bookstore today.

What books are you currently reading and loving?  


  1. Blue like Jazz! I have that book :) it's a good read.

    I'm currently trudging through the goldfinch. Haven't had much time to read lately but I desperately want to get back into it.

    1. It is! I am actually re-reading this that one.
      And I'll have to check the Goldfinch out!

  2. Over the Edge of the World^^

    There are great choices! Blue like Jazz, a great one. If you like that one, let me know and I have another one of his.

    1. I'll have to check that one out!
      and Blue Like Jazz is actually one of my favorite books, so I'm re-reading it now! and I might take you up on that offer!

  3. Oh Les Mis! I should read that :)

    I love this photo, the feel of it is just right for second hand books and their glorious smell! And what an awesome record player you have :) xx

    1. Well I still have to get the last three volumes of it, but that one was free :)
      and I love the smell of used bookstores! and thanks lady!

  4. I read Julie and Julia a few years back. Nice easy read, like the movie. I'm currently reading Catching Fire

    1. I actually haven't seen the movie, but I will probably read it after I read the book.
      Oh, Catching Fire is so good! I love that whole series actually.

  5. Love love love all of those! Such good choices:) I can't wait to read A Life in France, that sound delightful! Thanks for saying hello today girl!! xoxo Katie

    1. Thanks lady! and you should definitely read it whenever you have a chance, it's great!