A Best Friend | Sarah


My current state is extremely sentimental - like I could cry at the drop of a dime, which is so not me.  And as I sift through and edit pictures from the past month, this is one of those very things that is bringing back so many memories. 

Sarah and I have been best friends since I met her at church in our third grade Sunday school class.  And now we are twenty-one, have big dreams for our lives, aren't sure how we are going to get there, and she is getting married in one month.  Her pure joy, sweet spirit, and compassionate heart are evident in everything this lady says and does.  I was blessed to spend a day with her in our favorite spot in Richmond during my couple of weeks home, and once again, she never fails to encourage my heart so.  This girl is going to change so many kids lives, I'm convinced.

Sarah, I pray the Lord blesses you and Micah in this new season of your lives.  You are wonderful.   


  1. Old friends are the best. A real gift.
    This is such a beautiful post :)